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Ambry Hill Technologies Announces Launch Of VistaQuote

August 14, 2018

The much-anticipated launch of the groundbreaking RFQ management service called VistaQuote has been launched. The announcement came early Wednesday morning as the Aviation Industry began to hum with excitement. 

"We are very proud to offer this cutting-edge service to the industry,"  said Paul Stewart, President of Ambry Hill. "Our RFQ management system is like nothing the industry has ever seen before. This robust solution allows people to quote an RFQ received in their email and have it directly inserted into their ERP system." 

VistaQuote is a comprehensive RFQ management tool that captures inbound RFQs generated from any of the industry listing services. "VistaQuote does not force you to quote through their systems. In fact, you can generate a quote four different ways!" , said Krista Wildermuth, Director of Operations at Aircraft Hardware West.  

The automated routing to users, alert system and the ability to combine multiple RFQs from different listing services allow companies to reduce their RFQ processing time down to seconds versus the old-fashioned swivel chair approach. "I can see my part history and stock online just by clicking the part number. Or, I can see company history and the Rolodex by clicking on the company name. The ability to pull in this history in front of users is huge!" says Krista. 

Ambry Hill Technologies is a wholly owned subsidiary of AIrT, Inc. and is based in the Twin Cities area of Minnesota. "Ambry Hill was founded for the purpose of bringing smart solutions to the aviation industry that actually make sense and make people's jobs easier. We want to build technology to solve the problems that other software companies have simply ignored," said Paul Stewart.


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