VistQuote is a cloud based alternative to legacy aviation ERP Software and has a mobile app for iOS and Android devices.
VistaQuote inbound RFQ and RFP email inbox with customer quoting

RFQ & Quote Automation
That Works With Your
Existing ERP & MRO Software


More than just a sales CRM solution. Free up your sales team to focus on selling, not data entry.

Organize and control inbound RFQ emails from aviation marketplaces and listing services like ILS, PartBase, Locatory, and Parts Logistics.

RFQ & Quote Management

Automate your RFQ-to-Quote workflow with inbound RFQ sorting, organizing, and forwarding to relevant salespeople.

VistaQuote RFQ processing works with all your favorite listing service emails like PartsBase, Locatory, ILS and more.

The RFQ information is cross referenced and linked with your own system data - giving you easy access to relevant information alongside every RFQ.

Artificial intelligence and automatic quoting increase sales performance for MRO and parts trading operations.

Auto-Quoting & Other Automations

As an option, VistaQuote can use both AI and auto-quoting together so that even a human's freeform RFQ email will be recognized, interpreted, have the data extracted, and be made into an RFQ within VistaQuote.

Then, within seconds, the customer will receive a quote automatically without a human shepherding it throughout the process.

VistaQuote can integrate with top aviation ERP software and the best databases for inventory management.

ERP System Integration

With VistaQuote's ERP integration capability, your existing ERP system can be linked to VistaQuote to enable the viewing of historical data from your database on Part Numbers and Companies.

Additionally, when you create a quote in VistaQuote, it can be instantly transmitted to your ERP System. Copy/paste actions will no longer be a requirement in your RFQ workflow to check inventory or to create a quote.

Aviation AOG and sales mobile app that works with legacy ERP business systems for remote work.

iOS & Android Mobile Apps

RFQ and Quote management with VistaQuote Mobile provides you with real-time inventory data directly from your business software such as stock availability, quote history, sales history and more!

Review customer account details like credit limits, payment terms, sales history, contact info and more.

When you send your customer a quote from your mobile device the transaction is saved to your business software, automatically!

Automatic ecustoms denied-party export screening through decades of visual compliance for excellent security and customs compliance program results.

Export Compliance Screening

Catch a potential issue immediately, before investing time in the sales process or logistics activities.

Both automatic and manual export compliance screening can be made available through our integration with Descartes VisualCompliance, the leader in global trade compliance.

Export compliance screening results are located within every company profile along with other related options used for blocking the company’s RFQ visibility, warning notification messages, and adjustments to the security screening status.

Simple inventory management to make warehouse and logistics processes more efficient with digitized paperwork, photos, and internal notes.

Lite Inventory Management

Especially useful when VistaQuote is not connected to an ERP system, there are inventory management capabilities built right in to the system.

Configure comprehensive details for both master parts and inventory lines, including the storage of digital photos and documents.

Categorize internal notes within both transactions and records for seamless communication.